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Hello! Welcome to The Cake Lab. We are a research group from the Department of Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Our group focuses on systems, networking, and security. For examples, some of our ongoing projects involve optimizing the performance and security of critical and emerging systems, including distributed systems, cloud and mobile applications, and embedded systems.

Our work is generously supported by the National Science Foundation and Google Cloud.


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Lorenzo De Carli

Assistant Professor

Mark Claypool


Dan Dougherty


Tian Guo

Assistant Professor

Craig Shue

Associate Professor

Craig Wills


Robert Walls

Assistant Professor

PhD Students

Zorigtbaatar Chuluundorj

Enterprise network security

Xin Dai

Mobile-aware DNN (co-advised with Xiangnan Kong)

Guin Gilman

GPU memory management

Yunsen Lei

Front-end server security

Shijian Li

Distributed training

Yu Liu

Residential network security

Sam Ogden

Mobile deep inference

Yiyang Zhao

Neural architecture search

Graduate Students

Jean-Baptiste Truong

Secure mobile deep learning

Roger Wirkala

Privacy in enterprise networks

Yiqin Zhao

Mobile augmented reality

Undergraduate Students

Justin Aquilante

Mobile augmented reality

Yang Gao

Federated learning

Scott Grubrud

Mobile deep inference

Jake Grycel

Systems security

Tyler Jones

Mobile augmented reality

Jose Li

Federated learning

Yongcheng Liu

Federated learning

Selected Projects

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Single-Use Servers

With single-use servers, server administrators can avoid attack propagation and persistence. Show More

Efficient Mobile Deep Inference

The MODI project proposes new research in designing and implementing a mobile-aware deep inference platform that combines innovations in both algorithm and system optimizations. Show More

Mobile-aware Cloud Resource Management

The MOBILESCALE project proposes new research on resource management for mobile workload that differs significantly from traditional cloud workload. Show More

Selected Publications

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Recurrent Networks for Guided Multi-Attention Classification

Xin Dai, Xiangnan Kong, Tian Guo, John Lee, Xinyue Liu, Constance Moore

ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD'20)


The Naked Sun: Malicious Cooperation Between Benign-Looking Processes

F. De Gaspari, D. Hitaj, G. Pagnotta, L. De Carli, and L. V. Mancini

Applied Cryptography and Network Security (ACNS) 2020


Silhouette: Efficient Protected Shadow Stacks for Embedded Systems

Jie Zhou, Yufei Du, Lele Ma, Zhuojia Shen, John Criswell, Robert J. Walls

USENIX Security Symposium 2020