The Cake Lab

About Us

Hello! Welcome to the Cake Lab. We are a research group from computer science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Our research group focuses on understanding and optimizing performance for real-world distributed systems, cloud and mobile applications.

Our work is being generously supported by the National Science Foundation, and Google Cloud.


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Tian Guo

Assistant Professor

PhD Students

Sam Ogden

Mobile deep inference

Shijian Li

Distributed training

Xin Dai

co-advise with Xiangnan Kong

Graduate Students

Jean-Baptiste Truong

co-advised with Robert Walls

Undergraduate Students

Karitta Zellerbach

2019 REU

Ioannis Kyriazis

2019 REU

Matt LeMay

2019 independent study


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Mobile-aware Cloud Resource Management

The MOBILESCALE project proposes new research on resource management for mobile workload that differs significantly from traditional cloud workload. Show More

Efficient Mobile Deep Inference

The MODI project proposes new research in designing and implementing a mobile-aware deep inference platform that combines innovations in both algorithm and system optimizations. Show More

Cloud Cost Reduction

This system serves as a building block for investigating problems such as pooling cloud resources. Show More


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Speeding up Deep Learning with Transient Servers

Shijian Li, Robert J. Walls, Lijie Xu, Tian Guo

The 16th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing, arXiv:1903.00045


An Experimental Evaluation of Garbage Collectors on Big Data Applications

Lijie Xu,Tian Guo, Wensheng Dou, Wei Wang, and Jun Wei

The 45th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB'19)


Cloud-based or On-device: An Empirical Study of Mobile Deep Inference

Tian Guo

2018 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E'18)