Tian Guo

Assistant Professor

Robert Walls

Assistant Professor

PhD Students

Sam Ogden

Mobile deep inference

Shijian Li

Distributed training

Yiyang Zhao

Neural architecture search

Xin Dai

Mobile-aware DNN (co-advise with Xiangnan Kong)

Guin Gilman

GPU memory management

MS Students

Yiqin Zhao

Mobile augmented reality

Jean-Baptiste Truong

Secure mobile deep learning

Undergraduate Students

Jake Grycel

Systems security

Yang Gao

Federated learning

Lab Alum

Huygen Nguyen

Cluster management with Kubernete

Augusto Wong

Mobility analysis

Mario Zyla

Mobility analysis

Bradon Sanders

FaaS performance (2019 independent study)

Karitta Zellerbach

Mobile deep inference (2019 REU)

Peter M. VanNostrand

Secure mobile deep learning (2019 summer REU)

Ioannis Kyriazis

Secure mobile deep learning (2019 REU)

Michelle Cheng

Secure mobile deep learning (2019 summer REU)

Matt LeMay

Multi-tenant cloud inference

Mohamed Najd

2017 independent study

Huayan Sun

Hybrid schedulers